On the road again!

Now that we have surf it’s time to explore some areas you previously haven’t had access to. We will explain how to travel to the ones you can visit right now. Start by going down Route 104 and exploring the path that Briney took you on. On Route 105 there are a bunch of trainers to batle that all have water pokemon, so if you want to power level a grass pokemon, now is the time to do it. There are no items to get on this route, so when your done exploring ans training, you can continue onto Route 106, which is a lot of the same. As soon as you can, get to the sandy beach to the south, because after the two trainers there isn’t anything interesting in the water. There is, however, a Protein on the beach. After that, you’re in Dewford Town! If you haven’t gone into the Granite Cave with theMach Bike, now is a good time to pick up the Repel and the Rare Candy. After healing up at Dewford, continue surfing east onto Route 107. Like the previous route, there’s a lot of training that can be done here. When you plow through these opponents, you will be in Route 108 This route is the same as the last, but with an abandend ship in the middle. The Abandoned Boat is stuffed with Items and even more trainers. It is a little bit puzzling to find your way once aboard, though. Watch out for holes in the floor, and pay attention to where you’ve already been. When you first board, go up the gangplank and into the door on the right.There’s a boy in this room, but he isn’t a trainer. Head into the busted door to the left. This will take you into a four square of rooms. In the lower right corner are trainers. When you are done with these trainers and the exploration , exit to the south. On deck, head up the stairs and search inside the room to find the Storage Key. Head back downstairs, then go downstairs again. On the far right of the bottom room, use the Storage Key on a locked door to get the TM13 (Ice Beam). Once you have it, go back up to the deck via the right staircase and exit the boat. Remember to come back when you have Dive, though. After that you will hacve to go through the rest of Route 108 and make your way through Route 109. This new route is filled with trainers to battle on the little islands. When you get to Slateport, you can buy a bunch of items for your secret base in the market. After healing up and doing some shopping, make your way up cycling road and to Route 118. This was the dead end route that was to the east of Mauville. Surf across to the opposite beach. When you get there, speak to the fisherman on the east shore. Say “yes” to his question to get the Good Rod. When you get past the trainers at the beach side,  move slightly north and you’ll be greeted by Steven. He tells you to raise Pokémon of many different types. When he leaves, cut the nearby tree to get to the Sitrus Berries to the north. Then move east and take on the trainers you find there. After that encounter you can head on up to Route 119.Route 119 is a wide, grassy area that can only be traveled by foot. If your Pokémon are weak, you may want to think about running back to Mauville City and filling up on supplies and healing your Pokémon before moving on. As you head north, you’ll find a trainer to the east, two to the west, and two in the middle. When you get through this route, you will notice the Weather Institute, which will have some grunts nearby. I will cover this tomorrow, so come back then to see whats next!

Gym Battle 5

There is nothing really troubling between these 2 gyms, story wise, so im going to put Normans Gym in this post.With everything done for Lavaridge, it’s time to make your way back to Normans Gym. This is fairly easy to do with Meteor Falls unlocked, and Rusturf Tunnel passable again. So you can take either path you want, but make sure to check out the Desert Pass now. There are a lot of trainers here and a lot of cool new pokemon. Cacnea and Trapinch are the main players for the new pokemon. I got a Cacnea because i needed a cool grass type and Cacturn fits the bill. So there is also Mirage Tower. For this tower you are going to need the Mach Bike just to get past the second floor. When you do get to the top, you can pick between 2 fossils. The Claw Fossil and the Root Fossil. You can revive the fossil at a later time. So when your done with the Desert Area, go on to Rustboro City to revive the fossil at the Devon Corp. building.  If you decide to take the Meteor Falls route, you will exit to Route 115. This route has a few berries and a Super Potion near the end. This takes you straight into Rustboro City. When you get back to Petalburg City there is nothing to do besides challenging the gym. Make sure that you have had enough training with the team your using. This gym has always given me trouble becuase of how powerful some of Normans pokemon are. The Gym is set up in a series of seven rooms, leading up to Norman. Each room features a different battle skill. The Cooltrainers will use Items and status-altering techniques to win. However, you don’t have to battle them all to get to him. The easiest route is to stick to the left room and avoid the KO Room. Norman has 4 pokemon, a Spinda level 27 that knows Psybeam, Teeter Dance, Encore, and Facade. His next pokemon is a Vigoroth level 27 that knows Slash, Encore, Faint Attack, and Facade. His Linoone is level 29 and it knows Slash, Belly Drum, Facade, and Headbutt. Slaking is his best pokemon and it is level 31 and it holds a Sitrus Berry. It knows Yawn, Faint Attack, Counter, and Facade. When you beat him, he will give you the Balance Badge, which will let you use Surf outside of battle. You can get Surf from Wallies parents. Norman will give you the TM Facade. With this Gym out of the way, come back tomorrow to see what comes next.

Gym Battle 4

When you beat Maxie, you will now be able to go down the Jagged Pass, which leads to Lavaridge Town. When you get there, you can get a pokemon egg from the old lady in front of the hot spring. It will hatch into a wynaut. This pokemon is pretty useless unless you’re in a competative battle with a real person. After you heal up and explore a little you can go ahead and enter the gym. This gym has a neat challenge in it that you have to pretty much just guess and check the geysers to see which ones get you to the gym leader. Flannery has 4 pokemon, a Slugma level 24, a Numel level 24 a Camerupt level 26, and her last pokemon is a Torkoal level 29. Most of her pokemon are pretty easy to take down, but her Torkoal is a tank defender. You will want to have a really strong water type to get through her Torkoal. Her Slugma knows Overheat, Smog, Light Screen, and Sunny Day. Her Numel knows Overheat, Take Down, Magnitude, and Sunny Day. Her next pokemon the Camerupt knows Overheat, Tackle, Sunny Day, and Attract. Torkoal is her best pokemon and knows the moves Overheat, Attract, Body Slam, and Sunny Day. Her Torkoal also holds a White Herb, which removes any negative stat changes to holder.  After you defeat her, she will give you the TM Overheat, and the Heat Badge, which will let any pokemon up to level 50 listen to you. You can also now use strength outside of battle. When you step outside you rival will give you the Go-Goggles, which will allow you to traverse the desert route, Route 111. With the Heat badge obtained, it’s time to fight you father for the fifth gym. So come back next week to know what’s next on Pokemon Emerald.

Hidden Power

Hidden Power is a very odd move. It can be learned by almost any pokemon, but the way it’s power is determined is very complex. The game states that Hidden Power is a Normal-Type move with an undetermined power, 100% Accuracy, 15 Power Points (PP. While the Accuracy, PP, and Special Categorization are all set in stone, the Type and the Power, the two things not properly described in the In-game explanation, are unique to the Pokémon to which the move is taught. However, both of these factors can be determined by relatively simple formulas. Unfortunately, both of these formulas are based off of Individual Values (IVs), which are impossible to see In-game. There are several ways to determine the Type of the Hidden Power. Battling several wild Pokémon with different types allows you to figure out the Type through the process of elimination. To expedite the process if you are playing in Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, you can battle a Kecleon to figure out the Type. Its Color Change Ability will inform you of the type unless it is Ghost, in which case the move will not affect the foe. Although the move’s description lists it as being a Normal-Type move, this is the one type that it cannot be, so battling a Kecleon will work every time, assuming it does not KO you before you get to attack, or you KO the Kecleon with the move.

There is also a mathematical method to figure out the Type.As I have mentioned before, IVs are used to calculate the Type and Power of each Pokémon’s Hidden Power.
To determine the Type of the Hidden Power mathematically, one must use the following formula:

Type= ((H + A + D + S + X + Y)/ 4)mathfloor

The formula is a bit complex, but not too much so. The H, A, D, S, X, and Y variables correspond to the HP, Attack, Defense, Speed, Special Attack, Special Defense IVs respectively. If any particular IV is even, then its corresponding variable is 0. However, each variable gives a different number if the respective IV is odd. The H variable gives 1; the A variable gives 2; the D gives 4; the S, 8; the X, 16; and the Y, 32. Once the variables are determined, one then multiplies the sum by 15, and then divides it by 63. If the resulting quotient is a decimal, anything after the decimal is erased as a result of the “mathfloor” function. Here’s an example. Let’s say we have a Pokémon whose IVs are as follows:
HP: 29,Attack: 19,Defense: 18,Speed: 28,Special Attack: 22,Special Defense: 15. If you use the equation correctly you should get around 8.

Now since this is just a number, you cant tell just from this. But, there is a chart made that shows what number goes to what Type. 0 = Fighting,1 = Flying,2 = Poison,3 = Ground,4 = Rock,5 = Bug,6 = Ghost,7 = Steel,8 = Fire,9 = Water,10 = Grass,11 = Electric,12 = Psychic,,13 = Ice,14 = Dragon,15 = Dark. So since the number is 8, the attack type is Fire.

A similar thing is the attack power. This is the equation that is used to find the power, ((H + A + D + S + X + Y)*(40/63) + 30)mathfloor.It may look similar to the type equation, it doesn’t use even and odd numbers to change the variables’ values. Instead, it asks if the IV, when divided by 4, has a remainder of 2 or 3 (in decimal, if it has .5 or.75 after division). If the any of the IVs, when divided by 4 do not have a remainder of 2 or 3, the corresponding variable has a value of 0. If the IV for the respective stat is divisible by 2 or 3, the values of the variables are as follows: H is equal to 1; A is equal to 2; D, equal to 4; S, to 8; X, to 16; and Y, to 32. Again, once the values of the variables are determined, add them up. Now, multiply them by 40, divide the product by 63, and then add 30 to the result. Again, you will want to use the “mathfloor” function to eliminate any numbers after the decimal place. If you use the same stats as before then the power level will be 54.

Hidden Power is a very complex move that needs alot of brain power to wrap your head around it. Since Hidden Power is out of the way, come bak tomorrow to see the next exciting part.

Mt. Chimney

After getting Dig, keep going right to enter Route 114. There is an old man with a Poochena, you will want to talk to him to get the TM Roar. After that its just a pretty straight path down to get to Meteor Falls, a cave that has a few unique pokemon in it. Once you arrive in Meteor Falls, go straight north to receive a Full Heal. Then return to the starting point and head west across the bridge. There you will stumble upon Team Magma in the midst of stealing a Meteorite. But as the Team is warning you, Team Aqua walks up and tells them to stop. The rogue Team runs off to Mt. Chimney, leaving you. Team Aqua’s leader will come talk to you, then take off, pursuing the cretins. Talk to the man who is left behind. It’s Professor Cozmo! Talk to him, then head west and climb the stairs here to find a Moon Stone. If you head south, down the stairs or down the odd, slippery slopes, it will lead out to Route 115, which leads to Rustboro City, but there’s no need, so do a u-turn and head back to route 112 to get to the cable car. Once you get off of the cable car, you’ll see two Team members barring the southern path. Start your climb up the mountain. Talk to the foursome of Team members midway up to see what’s going on. Then move to the western edge of the mountain and battle a pair of Team Grunts and their Admin. After you make your way past the grunts you will have to fight Tabitha, a guy for the record, who should be fairly easy. After that head to Maxie to stop him from messing with the volcano. You have to battle him of course, so be prepared to fight off some tough fire types.  He has a Mightyena  that is level 24. His Golbat is also level 24 and his final pokemon is his Camerupt, the fire-ground type. His Golbat has a tough Wing Attack, so watch out for that. Try to bring a beefed-up Electric, Water, and Fighting-Type to account for any contingency. Once you beat the leader, he’ll give up the Mt. Chimney plans. Team Leader Archie will come and commend you. After your victory, the path to the south of the cable car station will be open. Buy some Lava Cookies from the vender there for 200 each. They will heal any status abnormalities are actually fairly priced for the healing effects. Then, head down the stairs here to move to Jagged Pass. So come back tomorrow to here about the Jagged Pass!

Fallarbor Town

Follow Route 111 and fight the trainers along the way for a good amount of XP.  On the way up you will notice the desert area you cant enter. Just ignore it for now since you can’t do anything with it and continue on to Route 112. Since some grunts are in the way you will have to traverse the Fiery Path to continue along your journey. In this cave you can find one of my favorite pokemon, Torkoal. Even though it kinda stinks stat wise, i still like it. So after you make your way through this cave, you will come back onto Route 112, with a few trainers to fight. When you make back onto Route 111 you will want to talk to the trainer in front of the odd looking tree. He will give you TH Secret Power. This TM is surprisingly good, with a attack level of 70, this move is helpful early game and is used to make Secret Bases. There is a house on this route that will heal your pokemon for you next to where you got the TM. Keep on going to make it to Route 113. This route is unique in that it is covered in ash. A pokemon that i am using from here is Skarmory, since its a good defensive wall and it looks cool.  There are a lot of trainers here so its good to train some here before moving on. There is a man inside the house that will give you a soot bag to collect some ash. None of the items he makes are really any good, but if you want them then you can go for it. Keeping going along the path to reach Fallarbor Town. When you go to the Poke-center you will notice a women in front of the PC. She is Lannette, the PC creator for this game. She says that you should visit her in the next route. Heal up and explore the area a little,since there are a couple of interesting things in this little town. One is the Battle Tent, which I already went over. The next is the Move Tutor, which can teach your pokemon any move it can normally learn through evolution. You have to pay him in heart scales though which can’t be obtained yet. The next thing you can do is go to the Fossil Maniac’s house, since you can get the TM Dig from the child next to the gaping hole in the wall. So with that stuff out of the way, come back tomorrow to find out what’s next.

3rd Gym Battle

Watson is an Electric type gym leader that has an interesting puzzle in his gym. Its easy to figure out but requires a little testing out to see how the patteren works. There area few trainers in there that are good practice for what to come. Watson has a Voltorb level 20 that knows Rollout, Spark, Selfdestruct, and Shock Wave. His next pokemon is a Magneton level 22 that knows Supersonic, Sonic Boom, Thunder Wave, and Shock Wave . His Electrike, which is also level 20, knows Shock Wave, Leer, Howl, and Quick Attack. His final pokemon is the evolution of Electike, Manectric. This pokemon is level 24 and knows Quick Attack, Howl, Thunder Wave, Shock Wave. Shock wave is an electric move that never misses, so it can be troublesome at times. Make sure to have alot of paralyze heals, because your gonna get paralyzed a lot. When you defeat him he will give you the Dynamo badge and the TM Shock Wave. With that gym out of the way you can finnaly head off to Fallarbor town to the north. Make sure you got the HM Rock Smash form  the man that live in the house below the bike store. You can train against the family in the house just outside of Mauville City if you havn’t already. With the acsess of the next Route and a new enemies to fight along the way, come back next week to find out whats next!