3rd Gym Battle

Watson is an Electric type gym leader that has an interesting puzzle in his gym. Its easy to figure out but requires a little testing out to see how the patteren works. There area few trainers in there that are good practice for what to come. Watson has a Voltorb level 20 that knows Rollout, Spark, Selfdestruct, and Shock Wave. His next pokemon is a Magneton level 22 that knows Supersonic, Sonic Boom, Thunder Wave, and Shock Wave . His Electrike, which is also level 20, knows Shock Wave, Leer, Howl, and Quick Attack. His final pokemon is the evolution of Electike, Manectric. This pokemon is level 24 and knows Quick Attack, Howl, Thunder Wave, Shock Wave. Shock wave is an electric move that never misses, so it can be troublesome at times. Make sure to have alot of paralyze heals, because your gonna get paralyzed a lot. When you defeat him he will give you the Dynamo badge and the TM Shock Wave. With that gym out of the way you can finnaly head off to Fallarbor town to the north. Make sure you got the HM Rock Smash form  the man that live in the house below the bike store. You can train against the family in the house just outside of Mauville City if you havn’t already. With the acsess of the next Route and a new enemies to fight along the way, come back next week to find out whats next!


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