Fallarbor Town

Follow Route 111 and fight the trainers along the way for a good amount of XP.  On the way up you will notice the desert area you cant enter. Just ignore it for now since you can’t do anything with it and continue on to Route 112. Since some grunts are in the way you will have to traverse the Fiery Path to continue along your journey. In this cave you can find one of my favorite pokemon, Torkoal. Even though it kinda stinks stat wise, i still like it. So after you make your way through this cave, you will come back onto Route 112, with a few trainers to fight. When you make back onto Route 111 you will want to talk to the trainer in front of the odd looking tree. He will give you TH Secret Power. This TM is surprisingly good, with a attack level of 70, this move is helpful early game and is used to make Secret Bases. There is a house on this route that will heal your pokemon for you next to where you got the TM. Keep on going to make it to Route 113. This route is unique in that it is covered in ash. A pokemon that i am using from here is Skarmory, since its a good defensive wall and it looks cool.  There are a lot of trainers here so its good to train some here before moving on. There is a man inside the house that will give you a soot bag to collect some ash. None of the items he makes are really any good, but if you want them then you can go for it. Keeping going along the path to reach Fallarbor Town. When you go to the Poke-center you will notice a women in front of the PC. She is Lannette, the PC creator for this game. She says that you should visit her in the next route. Heal up and explore the area a little,since there are a couple of interesting things in this little town. One is the Battle Tent, which I already went over. The next is the Move Tutor, which can teach your pokemon any move it can normally learn through evolution. You have to pay him in heart scales though which can’t be obtained yet. The next thing you can do is go to the Fossil Maniac’s house, since you can get the TM Dig from the child next to the gaping hole in the wall. So with that stuff out of the way, come back tomorrow to find out what’s next.


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