Mt. Chimney

After getting Dig, keep going right to enter Route 114. There is an old man with a Poochena, you will want to talk to him to get the TM Roar. After that its just a pretty straight path down to get to Meteor Falls, a cave that has a few unique pokemon in it. Once you arrive in Meteor Falls, go straight north to receive a Full Heal. Then return to the starting point and head west across the bridge. There you will stumble upon Team Magma in the midst of stealing a Meteorite. But as the Team is warning you, Team Aqua walks up and tells them to stop. The rogue Team runs off to Mt. Chimney, leaving you. Team Aqua’s leader will come talk to you, then take off, pursuing the cretins. Talk to the man who is left behind. It’s Professor Cozmo! Talk to him, then head west and climb the stairs here to find a Moon Stone. If you head south, down the stairs or down the odd, slippery slopes, it will lead out to Route 115, which leads to Rustboro City, but there’s no need, so do a u-turn and head back to route 112 to get to the cable car. Once you get off of the cable car, you’ll see two Team members barring the southern path. Start your climb up the mountain. Talk to the foursome of Team members midway up to see what’s going on. Then move to the western edge of the mountain and battle a pair of Team Grunts and their Admin. After you make your way past the grunts you will have to fight Tabitha, a guy for the record, who should be fairly easy. After that head to Maxie to stop him from messing with the volcano. You have to battle him of course, so be prepared to fight off some tough fire types.  He has a Mightyena  that is level 24. His Golbat is also level 24 and his final pokemon is his Camerupt, the fire-ground type. His Golbat has a tough Wing Attack, so watch out for that. Try to bring a beefed-up Electric, Water, and Fighting-Type to account for any contingency. Once you beat the leader, he’ll give up the Mt. Chimney plans. Team Leader Archie will come and commend you. After your victory, the path to the south of the cable car station will be open. Buy some Lava Cookies from the vender there for 200 each. They will heal any status abnormalities are actually fairly priced for the healing effects. Then, head down the stairs here to move to Jagged Pass. So come back tomorrow to here about the Jagged Pass!


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