Gym Battle 4

When you beat Maxie, you will now be able to go down the Jagged Pass, which leads to Lavaridge Town. When you get there, you can get a pokemon egg from the old lady in front of the hot spring. It will hatch into a wynaut. This pokemon is pretty useless unless you’re in a competative battle with a real person. After you heal up and explore a little you can go ahead and enter the gym. This gym has a neat challenge in it that you have to pretty much just guess and check the geysers to see which ones get you to the gym leader. Flannery has 4 pokemon, a Slugma level 24, a Numel level 24 a Camerupt level 26, and her last pokemon is a Torkoal level 29. Most of her pokemon are pretty easy to take down, but her Torkoal is a tank defender. You will want to have a really strong water type to get through her Torkoal. Her Slugma knows Overheat, Smog, Light Screen, and Sunny Day. Her Numel knows Overheat, Take Down, Magnitude, and Sunny Day. Her next pokemon the Camerupt knows Overheat, Tackle, Sunny Day, and Attract. Torkoal is her best pokemon and knows the moves Overheat, Attract, Body Slam, and Sunny Day. Her Torkoal also holds a White Herb, which removes any negative stat changes to holder.  After you defeat her, she will give you the TM Overheat, and the Heat Badge, which will let any pokemon up to level 50 listen to you. You can also now use strength outside of battle. When you step outside you rival will give you the Go-Goggles, which will allow you to traverse the desert route, Route 111. With the Heat badge obtained, it’s time to fight you father for the fifth gym. So come back next week to know what’s next on Pokemon Emerald.


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