Gym Battle 5

There is nothing really troubling between these 2 gyms, story wise, so im going to put Normans Gym in this post.With everything done for Lavaridge, it’s time to make your way back to Normans Gym. This is fairly easy to do with Meteor Falls unlocked, and Rusturf Tunnel passable again. So you can take either path you want, but make sure to check out the Desert Pass now. There are a lot of trainers here and a lot of cool new pokemon. Cacnea and Trapinch are the main players for the new pokemon. I got a Cacnea because i needed a cool grass type and Cacturn fits the bill. So there is also Mirage Tower. For this tower you are going to need the Mach Bike just to get past the second floor. When you do get to the top, you can pick between 2 fossils. The Claw Fossil and the Root Fossil. You can revive the fossil at a later time. So when your done with the Desert Area, go on to Rustboro City to revive the fossil at the Devon Corp. building.  If you decide to take the Meteor Falls route, you will exit to Route 115. This route has a few berries and a Super Potion near the end. This takes you straight into Rustboro City. When you get back to Petalburg City there is nothing to do besides challenging the gym. Make sure that you have had enough training with the team your using. This gym has always given me trouble becuase of how powerful some of Normans pokemon are. The Gym is set up in a series of seven rooms, leading up to Norman. Each room features a different battle skill. The Cooltrainers will use Items and status-altering techniques to win. However, you don’t have to battle them all to get to him. The easiest route is to stick to the left room and avoid the KO Room. Norman has 4 pokemon, a Spinda level 27 that knows Psybeam, Teeter Dance, Encore, and Facade. His next pokemon is a Vigoroth level 27 that knows Slash, Encore, Faint Attack, and Facade. His Linoone is level 29 and it knows Slash, Belly Drum, Facade, and Headbutt. Slaking is his best pokemon and it is level 31 and it holds a Sitrus Berry. It knows Yawn, Faint Attack, Counter, and Facade. When you beat him, he will give you the Balance Badge, which will let you use Surf outside of battle. You can get Surf from Wallies parents. Norman will give you the TM Facade. With this Gym out of the way, come back tomorrow to see what comes next.


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