On the road again!

Now that we have surf it’s time to explore some areas you previously haven’t had access to. We will explain how to travel to the ones you can visit right now. Start by going down Route 104 and exploring the path that Briney took you on. On Route 105 there are a bunch of trainers to batle that all have water pokemon, so if you want to power level a grass pokemon, now is the time to do it. There are no items to get on this route, so when your done exploring ans training, you can continue onto Route 106, which is a lot of the same. As soon as you can, get to the sandy beach to the south, because after the two trainers there isn’t anything interesting in the water. There is, however, a Protein on the beach. After that, you’re in Dewford Town! If you haven’t gone into the Granite Cave with theMach Bike, now is a good time to pick up the Repel and the Rare Candy. After healing up at Dewford, continue surfing east onto Route 107. Like the previous route, there’s a lot of training that can be done here. When you plow through these opponents, you will be in Route 108 This route is the same as the last, but with an abandend ship in the middle. The Abandoned Boat is stuffed with Items and even more trainers. It is a little bit puzzling to find your way once aboard, though. Watch out for holes in the floor, and pay attention to where you’ve already been. When you first board, go up the gangplank and into the door on the right.There’s a boy in this room, but he isn’t a trainer. Head into the busted door to the left. This will take you into a four square of rooms. In the lower right corner are trainers. When you are done with these trainers and the exploration , exit to the south. On deck, head up the stairs and search inside the room to find the Storage Key. Head back downstairs, then go downstairs again. On the far right of the bottom room, use the Storage Key on a locked door to get the TM13 (Ice Beam). Once you have it, go back up to the deck via the right staircase and exit the boat. Remember to come back when you have Dive, though. After that you will hacve to go through the rest of Route 108 and make your way through Route 109. This new route is filled with trainers to battle on the little islands. When you get to Slateport, you can buy a bunch of items for your secret base in the market. After healing up and doing some shopping, make your way up cycling road and to Route 118. This was the dead end route that was to the east of Mauville. Surf across to the opposite beach. When you get there, speak to the fisherman on the east shore. Say “yes” to his question to get the Good Rod. When you get past the trainers at the beach side,  move slightly north and you’ll be greeted by Steven. He tells you to raise Pokémon of many different types. When he leaves, cut the nearby tree to get to the Sitrus Berries to the north. Then move east and take on the trainers you find there. After that encounter you can head on up to Route 119.Route 119 is a wide, grassy area that can only be traveled by foot. If your Pokémon are weak, you may want to think about running back to Mauville City and filling up on supplies and healing your Pokémon before moving on. As you head north, you’ll find a trainer to the east, two to the west, and two in the middle. When you get through this route, you will notice the Weather Institute, which will have some grunts nearby. I will cover this tomorrow, so come back then to see whats next!

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