Battle Tents

There are 3 battle tents in the game. They replaced the Contest Halls from Ruby/Sapphire. Each tent shows off a certain aspect of the battle Frontier. The way the first one in Slateport works is like the Battle Factory in which you have to rent out pokemon to fight, and when you beat someone, you get to choose one pokemon from the team you want and trade for it. You only get 3 pokemon to rent, so choose carefully when trading for new ones. Its best to watch what moves and effects the pokemon have while you battle them to know whats best. When you beat three trainers you get a Full Heal. The one in Verdenturf shows off the Battle Palace in which the pokemon you get to use will not listen to you, they will use moves that best match their own nature, like Hardy or Modest, though they may decide to change fighting styles if they get too low on HP. When you beat three trainers in a row you will recieve a nest ball. And the final Battle Tent is in Fallarbor Town the tent follows the rules of the Battle Arena. That means that you get three turns to KO your opponent. If they are not KO’ed, then the pokemon get judged on how well they did in the battle. Teh judge does this according to three aspects of the pokemon, Mind(amount of attack moves used),Skill(accuracy of the moves), and Body(HP left after fight. When you beat three in a row, you get a Hyper Potion. With those three tents you will be able to spend a lot of time battleing. Though you get no XP or money for winning, you will have practice for the real Battle Frontier. A couple of rules stay the same no matter what tent it is. All pokemon will be at least level 30, you must defeat three in a row to recieve the item they offer. There is also something else to do in these tents. In the Slateport tent and the Verdenturf tent there is a person that will give you a TM. The one in Slateport is a TM 41 Torment. and the one in Verdenturf is TM 45 Attract.  The Battle Frontier is going to be a challenge for many so its best to get a lot of practice in these tents. So come back tomorrow for the Gym Encounter with the electric specialist Watson!


So Much to Talk About

In Route 110 there are a couple of interesting things to do including. Cycling Road and the Trick House are the main attractions I am referring to. While cycling Road is passable yet, the Trick Room is still a very good way to train pokemon. The house at the top of the Route when you enter from Slateport is the building i am talking about. When you walk inside you will see a shine from under the table, and when you examine it the Trick Master will come out and invite you to try out his trick room. Inside will be several trainers and a maze like path you must follow to escape. Examine all of the scrolls to get the password and when you do get out the Trick Master will give you a Rare Candy. Every time you beat a gym you should return to get a new trick room and even better items. After you have done that you will want to continue on down the path fighting the trainers and leveling up, cause a Rival Battle is going to happen on this route, so be prepared. Since i chose a Mudkip she had a Wingul level 18, a slugma level18, and a Grovyle level 20. After beating her and healing, continue down the path, battling the trainers and finding the obvious hidden items. When you get to the top of the route you will be entering Mauville City, where the next gym leader is. Heal up and you should talk to the guy in the Bike Store. He will give either a Mach Bike or an Acro Bike, your choice, which will let go on Cycling Path. This path shows you what the next leader is going to use, Electric types. When you go by it you will want to talk to Wallaby for an easy fight. His only pokemon is the Ralts he caught at the beginning of the game, now level 16. Once he is defeated, you can go into the gym, but i recommend getting to know the surrounding area a little bit. Right below the gym is the game corner, which has no real purpose in this game besides waisting your time. But if you feel like doing it, you are going to have to get a coin case, which the woman who lives next door will tell you how to get one. You need a Harbor Mail, so head on back to slateport to buy one and bike back. To the left of Mauville the Pokemon Daycare. This is the place you can leave your pokemon to let them level it up themselves. Verdanturf Town is also to the right and has nothing major in it except for the Pokemon Contest Hall. To the right of Mauville City is a dead end with a few trainers to battle. So when you fell up to it you can challenge the gym leader, which will be covered on Friday. So come back tomorrow where i will go over the contest stuff.

Slateport City

When you first arrive in Slateport City, you are going to be on the beach. There are a few trainers there and few hidden items you can pick up. The little girl when you arrive will give you a Soft Sand and if you go to the house ion the coast and talk to the guy inside, you can get some free battles from trainers. When you beat them you will get 6 Soda Pops from the guy when you talk to him again. From now on you can buy Soda Pop from him for a good price.  Farther in to the town you will find a market area with nothing major besides a few items that are really expensive and not worth it in my opinion. Above that is the Pokemon Fan Club building which i never found a use for it in this game so i always ignore it. Next to that is the Name Raters house, who is able to change the names you gave your Pokemon. In the top left corner of the city is the 1st Battle Tent you have had access to. I never was really into the battle  tents, so on thursday i will cover the different battle tent and how they work. After you have explored and trained enough to your liking, you want to go into the giant building next to the market to continue on the plot. You will find out that Captain Stern is in the museum, which up until now was impossible to enter due to Aqua grunts in the way. Now that you know where he is you can enter the museum and find the Captain. Be ready for a fight though since you are gonna have to fight a few grunts before being able to deliver the goods to the Captain. After giving him the package you can leave the city unless you want to compete in the contests. So on Route 110 there are a few new Pokemon to find, they include Electrike, Minum, Gulpin, Oddish, and Plusle. Plusle and Minum are kinda a set that work well in double battles since most of the move set they can learn help each other out. Gulpin is a poison-type, which i have never really used this Pokemon too much, so i cant say whether or not its good. Oddish is the well known grass-poison-type and is well known by first gen users for its utter uselessness. I have never put in the effort to know how well it actually does in a real fight so all i can say is that in Pokemon Red/Blue oddish was like Zigzagoon is to Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald. There are a few interesting things exist on this route, so come back tomorrow for the next exciting part of this walk-through.

Gym Battle 2

This gym is a little peculiar in which you start out not being able to see much as if you were deep in Granite Cave. The more trainers you defeat the more of the screen is visible. So if you want to know where you are going, then you can fight them all. But you dont need to fight them all to get where you want to go. The gym is a Fighting-type gym, so you want to get a flying or psychic pokemon if you want to get it done quick. The most common pokemon you will fight will be Medatite. The gym leader, Brawly, has a Medatite, a Machop, and a Makuhita.  The Machop is level 16 and knows Bulk Up, Leer, Karate Chop, and Low Kick. His Medatite is also level 16 knows Bulk Up, Focus Punch, Light Screen, and Reflect. The Makuhita is level 19 and holds a Sitrus Berry. It knows Bulk Up, Vital Throw, Arm Thrust, and Reversal. This gym has never really been a challenge for me. So theres not a whole lot of tips i can provide. But do watch out for his reversal with Makuhita, since it does more damage the lower the health is, he will tend not to use it right away if he has not used his Potion yet. He isn’t to hard to out predict, so just keep hammering health away and hope he doesn’t heal him. Upon beating him he will give you the Knuckle Badge, which will let you control traded pokemon up to level 30 as well as let you use Flash outside of battle. He will also reward yopu with the TM Bulk Up, which raises the attack power and defense of the user. After leaving the gym you will want to heal and talk to Mr. Briney. He will now offer to take you to Slateport City, which was not accesible up until now. Slateport is an intersting city with a lot to go over, so I will save it for tomorrow. So come back then to see what happens next!

Granite Cave

Granite Cave is a very interesting cave in that the game developers want you to beat the Gym before exploring too far in since you need flash to see where you are going. But it’s not really needed to meet Steven. When you walk in you need to talk to the hiker to get HM 05. Not needed to advance plot but you will want it if you want to complete the TM/HM set. You want to go as far as you can to train up against the new Steel-type Pokemon, which are obviously very defensive and hard to take out, but they are weak to fire-types. The new pokemon include Araon, Zubat, Mawhile, Geodude, Sableye, Abra, and Makuhita. The only steel-types are Araon and Mawhile which are both fairly useless at this point. Sableeye is good if you want a Ghost-type early on and Sableye is one of my favorite looking ghost pokemon. Makuhita is useful later since his evolution is a good wall. Strangely enough Makuhita and its evolution can learn Surf, which doesn’t make sense unless you read the Manga Pokemon Adventures. During the Ruby/Saphire Arc when Saphire makes her way to Dewford town for the first time, she sees Brawley, the Gym Leader, surfing with his Makuhita. So I assume that’s the reason it can, a reference to the book series.  Once you get into the “flash-needed” area, you want to just hug a wall until you find a latter. Just keep that strategy up until you find the ladder to get back into the first floor. Along the way, if you want to, you can find an Everstone near some smashable rocks on the second floor. After that there is nothing else really to find until you get the Mach Bike. So just make your way around and find Steven in his own special room. He will give you the TM Steel Wing as thanks for delivering it to him. If you have a flying pokemon you will use, you can teach it this move to help out with the Gym Battle which will be covered next week on Monday. So come back then to see how it turns out.

Individual Values(Definatly not EVs)

Individual Values have the most influence on any stat of any pokemon. It’s what makes every single pokemon unique and have different stats. Say we have the mega-defensive bug type, Torkoal, and it’s EV trained in both defense and special defense and it’s at level 100, and a neutral nature. If you look at the base stats for this pokemon’s defense and special defense, they both say 230, so you’d figure there wouldn’t be much of a difference, right? Well, in reality, there can be a pretty wide difference. At level 100, this Torkoal has a defense stat that is 466, and a Special Defense stat equaling 542. Quite a wide difference there, about 80 points separated. A person using this Torkoal had better watch out for attack based moves if they are relying on defense. As for technical information pertaining to IV’s, the equation for it will normaly give a number between 0 and 31. But remember that the equation’s we have to the IV’s are not the same as in the game, but they are extremely close. With these equations, it’s best to calculate it closest to level 50 as possible for accurate results. If you’re looking to calculate a pokemon’s IVs that you have trained, then hopefully you know the Effort Points it gained. If you don’t then the math will be completely inaccurate if you just stick the stats in the equation. If you don’t already know, Hidden Power is calculated completely on IV’s. There is a calculator here that is useful for Pokemon Emerald, but if want to use it in Diamond and Pearl, than you will want to go here instead since the math is different between games. Here is the equation used in the calculating every stat besides HP.

IV = ((Math.Ceiling(Stat / Stat) – 5) * 100 / Level Value) – 2 * Base Stat – Math.Floor(Effort Points / 4)

Since most dont know what the term “Math.Ceiling” means, it simply means that you round up to the “ceiling.” And “Math.Floor” simply means that you round down to the “floor.” And you may notice that the equation uses EV as part of the equation. You must know the EV’s for the calculator to work correctly. So this kind of thing is only for people training for competitions and such, since in game there is no real need to get so specific.  The HP equation is a little different.

Hit Point IV = ((Stat – Level Value – 10) * 100 / Level Value ) – 2 * BaseStat – Math.Floor(EV / 4)

Obviously there’s a lot of things you need in order to do these equations to get the IV’s that this returns to you. The most important thing you need is the stat. The second thing you need is the Stat, which is basically what effect the personality has towards your stats. Now because we know that Natures can give a +10% increase towards a stat, or a -10% decrease towards a stat, we need to convert that to an actual number so that it can work in the equation.

An Evil Encounter!

After you have beaten the gym you will want to go and heal up because you will need to go and help the Devon Researcher you met with in the forest. The Devon Goods have been stolen again and he needs your help getting them. So continue onto Route 116 and go into Rusturf Tunnel. Inside you will meet a new pokemon, Whismur. The grunt you have to battle will heave a level 11 Poocheyana. He should be easy compared to the gym you just had to go up against. Upon his defeat he will give you the devon goods and the Wingul he stole. The owner of the wingul will come in and thank you for saving him. He will tell you to stop by his house some time. He lives in the house on Route 104 with the boat on the Dock. When you return to Rustboro City, the man will also thank you for retreiving the stolen goods and will give you another Great Ball. He will take you to see his boss, who will give you a letter to deliver and the PokeNav. The Pokenav, which can be found in the Start Menu, allows you to see a map of all Hoenn. In addition, you can check your Pokémon’s Condition and see who you’ve battled (and who wants to battle again) with the Trainer’s Eyes feature. Handy, indeed. Leave the Devon Corp building and head back to Petalburg Woods. On your way out, your Rival will challenge you for the second time. You don’t have to fight her if you don’t want to, but you should since you want the experiance. If you decide to fight her than don’t expect an easy fight. Since I chose a Mudkip, she had a Wingull level 13, and a Treeko level 15.  On the way back to meet with Mr. Briney, you will want to cut down all the trees you can to get items. The first one should be a Dire Hit. When you enter the forest you will want to go right and cut down the trees. You will want to talk to the lady there to get a Miracle Seed, which raises the power of grass moves on the holder. There are also a couple of other items on the way down and a few that are invisible so check the empty patches. Once you out of there, you can go and talk to Mr. Briney to go to Dewford Town. Once there you will want to heal up and explore the town a bit. There is a fisherman that will give you the Old Rod outside, and in the house next to the dock, you can get a Silk Scarf. Now with that out of the way come back tomorrow to see how to go through the cave up north.